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Balfour Highway Services

Balfour Highway Services

Client Profile

provider of highway maintenance services to central government and public-private partnerships. It is a subsidiary of Beatty Major Projects, a giant in the construction world


Commercial Consultant – commercial review and strategy development.


To thoroughly review commercial processes on a struggling contract with deep commercial issues resulting in lack of profitability and client issues related to poor performance. Working with the teams to identify improvements which were developed, documented and implemented. Further engagement to lead strategy and risk/opportunity identification within significant bid, working closely with Bid Director and Divisional Commercial Director.

Key Skills

  • Detailed understanding of commercial systems and processes within construction that work using knowledge and methods gained throughout my career.
  • Analysis of commercial management functions and processes.
  • Ability to communicate with and gain confidence and trust from key stakeholders upwards and downwards to deliver the required outcomes.
  • Working in co-operation with technical and commercial senior managers joint venture partners


  • Created a hierarchy of commercial processes and procedures for operation of the client’s ASC10 contract


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