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People Systems & Processes

Whilst commercial management is the cornerstone of our services at Fusion-Commercial then People, Systems & Processes are the glue that holds everything together and we believe that we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve this by “fusing” the three together.


Good people are made better by having effective processes and systems to follow and use.


Good systems only become good systems if they match the process or requirements of the business and are operated by competent, well trained, motivated staff who understand why they are using the system, capturing and reporting on data.


Good processes are only defined and implemented through a thorough understanding of the requirements and how to achieve them.

Balanced outcomes

It is vital that all People, Systems & Processes are given equal credence and are closely aligned. Too often new systems are initially seen as a magic bullet to solve all problems however we have never once seen this happen without equal attention being given to the people and the processes.

When solutions do not work out, the systems are too often blamed for failings that actually exist in with the people or in the processes. If you want the end result to be assured, or as assured as possible, then clearly defining then monitoring how a task or series of tasks are undertaken using appropriate tools is absolutely crucial.

Controlled growth

Providing processes and systems is fundamental however unless the people following the processes, using the systems are properly educated, trained and motivated to comply then the end result will not be assured.

The Fusion-Commercial approach to people, systems and processes is to look at all three together when working with our clients to improve their commercial operations to improve their commercial outcomes.

Improving your commercial operations

When trying to make improvements to your commercial operations we help our clients to consider the following:

  • How you want or need to improve our commercial department?
  • How you can maximise the synergies between your people, your systems and your processes across all your departments?

When working with our clients we ask them to consider these two fundamentals at all times but more specifically whilst considering some of the detailed aspects below which can relate to an entire operation or enterprise or alternatively can relate to any independent element of an operation or enterprise.

Improve commercial outcomes

To give a flavour of what Fusion-Commercial can do to help construction operations to make more effective use of their commercial resources to improve commercial outcomes we look closely at a number of aspects including the following:


  1. Develop commercial staff – educate and train people in the technical aspects of their role or to make them more rounded professionals in terms of communication, time management etc.
  2. Develop commercial structure and organisation chart – look at resources how they are deployed.
    Enhance and develop commercial processes – can things be done better, quicker or slicker?
  3. Optimise use of existing commercial systems – are existing systems used well, could they be used better?
  4. Capture requirements for and source new commercial systems – fuller review looking at end to end requirements and specifying what is needed.
  5. Implement special systems – taking the decision to invest and implement something new to deliver improvements.
1) Enhance what you get from your people

Listed below are a few bullets providing more detail on each of the three ingredients detailing what Fusion-Commercial can bring to your business, project or programme of works.


  • Review your organisation structure to assess if you have the right resources in the right places.
  • Moving staff around can often be the right thing for them too.
  • Review roles and responsibilities to ensure that everyone knows how they interrelate and what their obligations are.
  • Train and mentor your staff to get more out of them and help them develop their careers.
  • Mindsets and behaviours alongside good practice professional ways of operating or working.
  • Contract training is so often overlooked if staff do not know how the contract works then they cannot be expected to follow.
  • Reinforce processes, again if staff have not been educated on how and as importantly why then they cannot always be expected to follow.
  • How to use your systems, the same but for how to use and get the best from your systems. FAQs are so useful.
  • Recruit temporary or permanent resources to help get you over a rise in workload or to bring some additional skills into the team to upskill.
2) Enhance your commercial processes
  • Review how you do things now, a good look at why and how can be well worth the time spent.
  • Document and formalise how are you do things now.  If there are no written processes then create them, possibly as part of a handbook which shows how you do business all in one place.
  • Optimise existing processes, as with a review but really looking to see if things can be done better, involve your staff.
  • Develop, map out, document and implement new processes, if there are no written processes or something is missing then invest the time to get it written up.
  • Create a commercial handbook that shows how all your processes operate in one place and how they interact with each other. This is such an effective approach to upskilling your staff, providing inductions and reference points for staff. It is also very useful for audits and to justify to stakeholders that you have a great handle on what you are doing.
3) Enhance your commercial systems
  • Review your existing systems, as with processes, a good look at why and how can be well worth the time spent.
  • Review how your existing systems complements your processes & vice versa.
  • System enhancements are often of great benefit and a much cheaper option than buying new systems.
  • Capture your requirements. Make sure that you have all your system requirements captured so that you can communicate them for business cases and to solution providers.
  • Assisting procurement of new systems, if you need new systems then Fusion-Commercial can manage the process.
  • Manage the implementation and rollout of new systems, again we have vast experience in implementation and change management generally.

Working with Us


Fusion-Commercial are uniquely placed to fuse together your People, Systems and Processes. We are the enabler who will turn this into a strength for your organisation by setting you up to succeed. Click on the link below to discuss how our agile resourcing solutions might work in mobilising your project more effectively.


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