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Innovation Partner for Processes, People & Systems

Originally established in 2005 by Chartered Surveyor Nick Curran, Fusion-Commercial combines RICS & ICES construction project delivery expertise with over 30 years of experience in the commercial management of construction projects and businesses.

The name Fusion-Commercial was arrived at because of the FUSION that we can bring to your commercial People, Systems and Processes. The business was set up to bridge the gap between operational project delivery and the use of people, systems & processes to deliver commercial project control on major construction projects. Nick Curran’s expertise in this field is underlined by the fact that he is the author of commercial management in construction RICS Guidance Note Commercial Management of Construction, 1st Edition (rics.org).

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Working with contracting organisations of all sizes, Fusion-Commercial has a proven track record on major projects, providing high-level commercial services and introducing best practice within construction enterprises of all sizes.

As can be seen from our testimonials and case studies we have had great successes supporting organisations across a wide range of construction industry sectors, Fusion-Commercial provides clear actionable insights and delivery resources, helping businesses improve their commercial processes to deliver commercial project control allowing them to achieve managed and controlled growth.

Our Mission & Values

Integrity, trust and teamwork are all integral to business growth. At Fusion-Commercial we enable your business to become more commercial from the inside out. To achieve this our approach is grounded in a series of value-driven, best practice behaviours that underpin the performance of some of the UK’s leading companies.


Good data is the basis of good decision-making. At Fusion, we are passionate about data and the business systems that deliver the reliable, valid, comprehensive and granular information that underpins good decision-making.

Measure & Analyse

Our rigorous analytical approach ensures we make the informed business decisions based on high-value insights and an in-depth understanding of the unique processes in each business that we work with. If you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it.


Delivering business change requires clarity and consistency. We are careful what we promise and passionate about delivering on the promises we make.


Step change in business process and performance is delivered with team and stakeholder contributions. Clear oversight is fundamental to ensuring that everyone is held to account.


In a dynamic commercial landscape, effective strategy evolution is informed by lessons learned. Using review cycles and feedback loops we ensure strategic agility becomes hardwired into our clients DNA.

Working with Fusion-Commercial

Fusion-Commercial operate an agile service delivery model designed to match client requirements. We typically operate either as a consulting service or on a non-executive basis either pay-as-you-go or via a retainer. Fusion-Commercial also provide additional resources to supplement what you already do or already have either commercially through our own resources or access to a network of complimentary services.



We deliver:









The Fusion Team

A key challenge, for both contractors and clients alike, is how to source the specialist expertise and resources needed to structure and deliver major construction projects profitably and sustainably without incurring an unacceptable level of overhead.

While larger companies can offset the overhead across multiple projects, medium-sized firms have traditionally struggled to access these skills in a timely and cost-effective way

The Fusion-Commercial Project Resourcing Solution (PRS) provides these resources on-demand, as and when you need them. Our ecosystem of multi-disciplinary professionals and partners have worked on high profile construction projects in the UK and overseas. We assemble agile, project-focused teams that provide the right skills for each project quickly and cost-effectively. Click on the link below to discuss how our agile resourcing solutions might work on your project.


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