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Commercial management of construction projects and businesses

Commercial Management Solutions for Growth & Performance 

Fusion-Commercial are the commercial consultancy that will transform your business. The development, introduction and implementation of commercial disciplines into your day to day business operations not only protect your interests by minimising risks but also allow opportunities to be maximised thereby improving returns. 

Our mission is to help our clients avoid disputes and commercial issues by setting their businesses and projects up to succeed. 


We help contracting organisations to get it right (first time).


Effective commercial processes using appropriate systems undertaken by well trained, motivated commercial staff will make a difference to your business.

By undertaking commercial tasks in a controlled, consistent way at the right time you maximise the likelihood of achieving your company and project objectives, deliver improved results and avoid disputes.

Unlike many traditional commercial consultancy’s, Fusion Commercial Associates services revolve around setting your organisation up for success, getting it right first time as often as possible instead of helping you deal with the consequences of not getting it right, which often leads to disputes or other similar unenviable consequences.

Fusion-Commercial services are all interlinked and cover a range of critical commercial processes for any contracting organisation to assist your board or commercial leaders to increase and improve commercial controls & governance, leveraging synergies between your operations, finance and commercial teams.

Commercial Management & Leadership

Exemplar commercial expertise should be at the core of all construction operations using robust commercial processes to assure the quality of the work done and accuracy of reporting so that time can be spent maximising opportunities and minimising risk. Fusion-Commercial has vast experience in providing commercial leadership whilst delivering or enhancing your commercial.

Mobilising New Contracts

Efficient and effective contract mobilisation will improve the likelihood of contracts delivering efficiently and effectively. Fusion-Commercial has knowledge and experience of how to achieve this by following a structured, well tried and tested process. . READ MORE

Project Controls

Fusion-Commercial simplifies Project Controls and makes their use something that a contracting organisation can readily achieve. They are often perceived as a black art, revolving around advanced planning tools and ERP solutions to generate performance dashboards and earned value forecasts however, the basics, which should be an integral part of every commercial strategy are often overlooked.

Fusion-Commercial looks to simplify the structure around the basic building blocks that underpin effective project control, starting with simply defining a common WBS structure…. READ MORE

Cost Management

Cost Management underpins performance management and is a key component of forecasting and reporting. The Fusion-Commercial approach to improve the clarity of information – used to track performance, make decisions and inform stakeholders through the development and adoption of reporting that is fit for purpose – relies on a single version of the truth. READ MORE


Adding Value

Optimise your operations, risk, governance, strategy, contract mobilisation and corporate finance by focusing on the core elements of your business:


Optimise what you get from your people

Systems and processes are a key ingredient in the success of any operation, however, unless the people following the processes, who use the systems are properly educated, trained and motivated to comply, then the desired end result will not be achieved. Fusion-Commercial is what you need to pull people, systems and processes together. READ MORE


Enhance your commercial processes

Optimising your commercial processes is key to organisational efficiency, productivity and profitability. Fusion-Commercial’s structured approach to defining and implementing commercial process efficiencies provides a practical and flexible approach to optimising how you operate. READ MORE.


Enhance your commercial systems

Systems lie at the heart of any organisation. Fusion-Commercial’s expertise over the last 20 years allows us to assist our clients in identifying systems that will complement their processes. We can then play a lead or a team role in procuring, managing, implementing and rolling out commercial systems, whether standalone or part of an ERP solution.  READ MORE.

Actionable Insights – Agile Solutions

Find out how our high-value insights and agile interim resource solutions deliver the process, people and systems efficiencies that drive commercial success. 


Develop commercial staff


Develop commercial structure and organisation chart


Enhance and develop commercial processes


Optimise use of existing commercial systems


Capture requirements for and source new commercial systems


Implement special systems

Helping construction operations make the most effective use of their commercial resources & improve commercial outcomes


Helping construction operations make the most effective use of their commercial resources & improve commercial outcomes

Why Choose Us

Fusion-Commercial can help your business be more commercial in the way you operated without you becoming difficult to do business with. We are a collaborative and inclusive organisation that look to introduce commercialism from the inside out to become part of your business as usual. We understand exactly what it takes to grow and manage construction businesses in a controlled way by introducing subtle changes and disciplines throughout.

We specialise in introducing changes within your business to control projects from a commercial perspective from managing estimates, risk, procurement, programming, valuations, managing change, cost management to forecasting in a cohesive and aligned way with how your business operates.


Our services can benefit you in a variety of ways from the definition and implementation of new corporate systems and processes to the mobilisation of new contracts, a commercial business improvement initiative or high-level commercial consultancy. The introduction of commercial disciplines into your business day to day operations not only protects your interests by minimising risks but, equally as important, it allows opportunities to be maximised, improve your returns.

What Our Clients say

Find out how Fusion-Commercial have worked with other businesses to deliver results.

 Nick reported to me while I was Head of SMB JV and was specifically recruited into my Head of Commercial role. This was achieved from a recruitment process where Nick stood out from the crowd with his experience and proven delivery within more complex client relationships. I was very pleased with how quickly Nick fitted into the team and he soon became a key member of my Leadership team. His thorough and challenging commercial eye for detail and how to get the best out of his team quickly improved performance. He also has impressive stakeholder engagements skills and effectively influenced decision making to the benefit of the JV. I would not hesitate to employ Nick again or to work alongside him.



Robert Keen – Head of Water Operational Resilience at Thames Water 

Nick worked for me for almost 2 years and performed exceptionally well as the Biwater Group’s commercial change Director. This was an important time for the Group as we needed help in migrating to a new Group Wide Construction based ERP solution and automation of many of our processes.

Nick is very skilled in change management, stakeholder engagement, process re-engineering and project management. Due to his exceptional work ethic, influencing skills and professional & diligent approach, our project was a success.
Within a short space of time, Nick was able to understand the Groups issues and help me modernise our front and back-office systems and introduce a world-class risk management environment integrating our construction business cycle.


Paul Stevens – FCCA Finance Director

Nick worked for me as my Commercial Director for a period of virtually two years when I was MD at Ringway and was entirely up to date with the technical and managerial side of the role. He is a very good communicator and goes out of his way to make regular contact with all stakeholders. He does this both face to face, via email and checks in with everyone regularly on the telephone.

Nick is a self-starter and thinks his way through every project he undertakes with very little need for supervision. He is very organised and is up to date with, and utilises all current processes, systems and software. We produced a business plan for his role and utilised clear governance processes to show delivery.

Nick was always very focused on delivering to time and budget. He monitored all costs daily and utilised clear reports at governance meeting to demonstrate this. He always clearly identified and managed service and project risks. These risks were mitigated, and Nick held reserve plans to deal with any exit strategy.

He brought many new ideas and processes to his role and developed new ways of working. He also recruited many new staff and trained them to work within the same ethos.

Chris Connor – Retired Highways & Transportation Professional


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